Bluetooth headsets to the resque (was: Re: Buzz Issues - Last Questions, I promise)

Paul Fertser fercerpav at
Fri Mar 20 16:18:42 CET 2009

ezuall <ezuall at> writes:
> Speaking as a fanboy of the Freerunner and everything Openmoko does

LOL, is it meant to be ironic?

> So two questions:

Sorry, i can't answer to any of these questions, but i want to notify
you and other community members that support for bluetooth headsets in
FSO is coming and it will have neither buzz nor echo issues.

But please, do developers a favour: if you're not ready to use
versions from git, use not exactly documented bluez4 interfaces, etc,
wait for the official instructions. Otherwise, join IRC and have fun
exploring new bluez lands.

Be free, use free ( software!
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