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Risto H. Kurppa risto at
Fri Mar 20 22:09:37 CET 2009

On Fri, Mar 20, 2009 at 10:33 PM, Anton Persson <don.juanton at> wrote:
> Hi folkz!
> I just wanted to request user feedback for my app SATAN, if there are _any_
> users out there.. I know
> some people have at least tried, and hopefully all have succeeded, to
> install and start the application..
> But I want to know; have anyone succeeded making some noise with it? What
> are your thoughts?
> Do you want any specific improvements or changes?

Hi there!

I played with it when it was new. I was able to make some noise with
it back then but now because of this request I decided to try it again
to be able to tell you some experiences.

1) Rename it. Yeah, I know it's nice to provoke people etc but to me
it just sounds stupid. And I know there's an acronym behind it and I
know there are people who like the name but.. well, it's your choice
and you must decide if you figure out if it makes people use the app
more or less. Less, if you're asking me. MusicMachine or similar would
a) describe the app better b) provoke less. Just my opinion.

2) Add an icon in .ipk package. I installed to 2008.12+Kustomized, no
icon was shown.

3) First run I get a message that Enlightenment was not able to run
'satan -u k'.. Tried from the command line:

root at om-gta02:~# DISPLAY=:0 satan -u k
satan: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open
shared object file: No such file or directory

Installing 'libltdl3' from the repositories solved this -> add
libltdl3 as depending package in the .ipk

4) Started the app. It's a mess.. sorry.. I'd like to be able to do
something with an app when I start it with no prior knowledge of it. I
know Blender might not allow me to do this but I'd like your app to do
it. From the previous experiences I know that you have to load some
sounds/sound fonts/something. Went to Ld/Sv -tab (read the manual the
first time I used it) but - I have no idea where to try to find the
sound fonts required. Maybe it should default to the dir where they're

This is when I closed it. No sound this time. Maybe some introduction
window or something that the user can disable after reading it?


| risto h. kurppa
| risto at kurppa dot fi

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