Buzz Issues - Last Questions, I promise

ezuall ezuall at
Sat Mar 21 00:03:03 CET 2009

@All:  Thank you for the responses, I've asked similar questions with no
@Paul:  Bluetooth is one of the options I have been considering, and it's
good to know that it may be just around the corner for me.
@David:  Thank you for the links, I did read some posts about the buzz fix
party, and I love the idea.  This is great news, but only if you happen to
be in the right country.  I appreciate openmoko's involvement, but this
isn't an official fix.  That being said, the fact that users are able to do
the fix is one of the empowering things of Open Source Software/Hardware,
and why I still don't see any better alternatives to the Freerunner out
there (when it comes to open philosophy and community involvement).
@Risto:  I agree, I'm happy for them too, but would like to be happy for me
before my Freerunner's 1 year anniversary.

And finally I just want to say that I really am a supporter of Openmoko.  I
followed the project for more than a year before finally getting my hands on
a Freerunner as soon as I was able to after the release.

All the best
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