Request for Feedback - SATAN

Aapo Rantalainen aapo.rantalainen at
Sat Mar 21 11:25:50 CET 2009

> 1) Rename it. Yeah, I know it's nice to provoke people etc but to me
>it just sounds stupid.

One more vote for renaming.

>2) Add an icon in .ipk package. I installed to 2008.12+Kustomized, no
>icon was shown.

I got icon. (is this fixed?)

> 3) First run I get a message that Enlightenment was not able to ...
> satan: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open

I added libltdl3 for

> 4) Started the app. It's a mess.. sorry.. I'd like to be able to do

I do this step-by-step
(My sound settings of phone are messed so I didn't got any noise out of.)

This manual is good. But maybe program is too hard and complicated to
Phone if it needs so long read-this-first (and I can't reproduce
anything without that manual).

Keep it simple. / Use menus with long names.
Tabs like  "Ld/Sv" aren't good. How about standardr drop down menu
called File (containing Load project and Save project)? I didn't got
point of whole "Connector"-tab. Maybe some working default settings
and menu-entry 'Advanced'-> 'Connections' where power-user can fine
tune them.

And menu entry named 'Mode' could have 'surf' and 'tracker' and so on.

-Aapo Rantalainen

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