Anti-buzz application

Valery Febvre vfebvre at
Sun Mar 22 12:12:28 CET 2009


Because I want to use my FR as my daily phone
and because I have no solution to perform the hardware buzz-fix yet,
I decided to write an application which allows to quickly and easily
change essential mixer settings.

According to
3 mixers settings (5, 12, 48) help to reduce buzz intensity and
and 2 others (4, 6) affect the volume of the caller
(on the neo side).

Application is written in Python/Elementary.
python-elementary version must be 0.1+svnr39575 or greater :-(
This app works fine under SHR-unstable. For other distributions, I fear
that it does not.

I don't know if some people will find this app useful.
But if it's the case, lets me know.
I'm not sure to be able to find time in the future to improve this
program, but I can:
- modify it to accept GTK as toolkit for GUI (instead of Elementary)
- create a project (anti-buzz ?) on
- create a package for ?

The application reads mixer settings (controls) in
and for 5 of them (5, 12, 48, 4, 6) displays a slider to adjust their
NEVER the app modify the file

Button "Apply": load current mixer settings in the soundcard and create
an new gsmhandset.state file in /tmp.

Button "Restore default": at any time, you can click on this button to
restore mixer settings in the app and in the soundcard.

* Before or during a call, launch the app:
* Changes settings with sliders
* Click on 'Apply' button to test changes in live
* When you are happy with a set of settings, copy /tmp/gsmhandset.sate
    in /usr/share/openmoko/scenarios/

To finish, here the settings which go best with my FR:
* Mono Playback Volume (5): 112
* Mono Sidetone Playback Volume (12): 5
* Mic2 Capture Volume (48): 2

* Speaker Playback Volume (4): 112
* Bypass Playback Volume (6): 7

Valéry Febvre
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