Debugging SIM problems

ik idokan at
Sun Mar 22 12:44:19 CET 2009


I just got OM to my hands (actually two days ago), on the original distro
(2008.8), I was able to read the SIM content and get calls but not to call
When I upgraded to 2008.12 and after that to FSO stable, it stopped reading
my (and few other people's) SIM card at all, and I get with FSO stable and
zhone the following error message:

GSM failed to read authentication status

I also since then experience problems with my regular cell phone (no voice
mail or caller id (both for incoming and outgoing calls).

I have a guess that the carrier blocked something, however I'm no expert in
cellular, so my question is what/how can I debug such things in order to
understand what is wrong ?

I added logging to /var/log/messages instead of a buffer so I can supply the
log if required.

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