Data call (aka CSD) with QtExtended

Ed Kapitein ed at
Sun Mar 22 19:24:58 CET 2009

Hi Tuan,

Yes, i call a landline with my FR, so that is different.
i think  need a data number added to your phone by your provider, at
least in holland you need to.
Do you have two numbers for your FR? one for voice calls and one for
data calls?
Do you have any other method of making a data call to another mobile,
just to prove that it does work?
I guess you can use an old modem to call the mobile and make a data
connection with it. if that works, you can try the same thing with the FR.

Kind regards,

Tuan TRINH wrote:
> Hi Ed,
> Woop, I have the same results with +CBST. But still can not make data
> call although AT+CEER show "no error" ?
> Btw, your data call is to a land-line modem ? My target is a data call
> between 2 FreeRunners or from FR to other mobile, I heard some where
> mobile-2-mobile data call is quite diffirent than to land-line modem.
> Is it correct?
> PPP is only need after modem completes hand-shaking with far end
> modem. Unfortunately, I still can not have hand-shaking done :-((
> Cordially,
> Tuan
> On Sun, Mar 22, 2009 at 8:10 PM, Ed Kapitein <ed at
> <mailto:ed at>> wrote:
>     Hi Tuan :-)
>     well, it seems like you are almost there.
>     you can check if the gsm network has data capabilities with the
>     following command:
>     atz
>     OK
>     AT+CBST=?
>     +CBST: (0-7,12,14,65,66,68,70,71,75),(0),(0-3)
>     OK
>     i am able to make a call  after that with:
>     AT+CBST=7,0,1
>     AT+CR=1
>     ATD xxxxxxxxxx
>     the username/password i need is indeed my username/password for my
>     dial-up ISP, but it is only needed *after* a successful call to my
>     ISP.
>     after a successful login i should be able to start a ppp link with
>     my ISP.

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