GSM buzz-fix party in Braunschweig, Germany

Joerg Lippmann jl_lists at
Sun Mar 22 21:08:16 CET 2009

Am Sonntag 15 März 2009 schrieb Daniel Willmann:

> In order to gauge interest and plan ahead wrt ordering
> Resistors/Capacitors I'd like to know how many phones would come. The
> party will probably take place in mid April.
> If you are interested and would show up please mail me privately and
> also tell me how many phones you would bring.
> If all goes well I'll be doing this with support from Openmoko and will
> be able to replace any Freerunners I break in the process.

Hmmm, Braunschweig is about 300km from my home town. Is there a way to get my 
phone fixed as well without spending the whole day on the road (maybe send it 
to you?)

I have terrible buzz *always* when I use my phone at home, no matter what 
distribution. So all the time when I happen to be at home and get a call I 
have to shout to the other party to call me on the land line. Really 
embarrassing to have to use an expensive phone thats broken by design and the 
manufacturer does not bother to fix it immediatly at no cost.

It's really a pity that openmoko (the company) is such a disappointment 
concerning the buzz fix...
Jörg at home

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