Is "SIM Toolkit" possible to support on the freerunner?

Helge Hafting helge.hafting at
Mon Mar 23 09:39:39 CET 2009

The reason for asking, is that my bank provides internet banking, and 
the authentication process is greatly simplified by having a 
STK-supporting phone. Basically, the telco installs a piece of software 
onto the SIM card (already done), that exchange encrypted sms with the 
bank. Most of the software runs on the SIM card processor. That part 
works with any phone - even the freerunner.

STK support on the phone is needed when this software need to ask me 
about my banking PIN code. It needs to display a prompt, and get my 
response. And the sim card processor can obviously not control the 
display directly, but making such a question-answer GUI is simple enough.

The interesting question - is this possible at all? Is our gsm chip 
capable of STK communication? Is there a set of AT commands (or 
similiar) to use for this purpose?

I teach programming, so I can sometimes set up student projects for 
things like this. Provided that it is possible, of course.

STK is used for various other purposes as well, some of which may be 
nice to support. I do not worry that telcos might use STK for crippling 
the phone. The phone is open-source, and it will obviously possible to 
not use this software. Don't install STK if you don't want it. Also, an 
open-source implementation of STK won't be able to do wrong. We control 
it, so it can't control the phone against our will.

Helge Hafting

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