Bluetooth headsets to the rescue

Joerg Reisenweber joerg at
Mon Mar 23 17:53:41 CET 2009

Am Mo  23. März 2009 schrieb arne anka:
> > You seen Paul's comment about using internal mic in conjunction with
> > headphones/headset for GSM purposes?
> yes.
> but it has two (and maybe a half) drawbacks
> - you need another set of headphones with 2.5 plug
Hmm, I don't see the point here. Can be done with any headset/headphones, 
including the FR accessory ones.
Probably I got you wrong.

> - someone needs to prepare a state file for that scenario -- i am  
> incapable to understand that alsa lingo or read the charts
NP, I'll supply one.

> the half: what about the sound when you hold the phone so you can use the  
> stylus or your fingers? will the mic pick up the voice in good quality? 
Depends on distance mouth->mic. You can test right now.

> will my hand interfere somehow? 
Same here. Probably not.

> the tapping and scartching? 
Dunno. Good point.

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