paroli updates

Mirko Lindner mirko at
Tue Mar 24 08:18:13 CET 2009


> Is paroli still being worked upon? I see that the latest git changes 
> were made 10 days ago. Some kind of holiday going on?

Sure, I am still fighting :)

Stumbled across some issues that meant I had to do a lot of research etc.

I am trying to get elementary in and etk out. That requires a lot of 
refactoring in the different apps. To not break was is out there right 
now I decided not to upload it yet.

Angus managed to get a new revision of enlightenment to build last 
night, so my hopes are up that I can push lots of things soon.

I am currently moving also, so don't have the usual time to invest in 
paroli, but if all goes well I'll be done today and resume full 
production wed or thu :) So don't run away and stay tuned :)


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