[debian] preferred working kernel at the moment?

Fox Mulder Quakeman1 at gmx.net
Tue Mar 24 12:34:30 CET 2009


i wonder which kernel is the "best" or lets say the most stable and
working für debian at the moment. Since i upgraded from the last 2.6.24
kernels to the 2.6.28/29 i have more problems than benefits. :/

I tried the latest selfcompiled andy-tracking from [1] and the latest
unstable OM kernel from [2]. There are a few more locations for kernels
which i didn't try so far. But both kernels i tried didn't change in the
last ~2 weeks why i wonder if there is a better/newer kernel version
somewhere available. I also don't know if andy-tracking is still the
newest version after andy left openmoko.

The really big improvment from 2.6.24->2.6.28/29 is that the standby
time has improved really much. With this i can firstly carry the phone
with me without to be worried about an empty battery at the evening.

But than the problems on the other side are real blockers. First big
problem is that after suspend the backlight mechanism doesn't recognize
a touch on the screen anymore. Therefor after it dims and gets dark it
never get back to full brightness after i touch the screen. But the
desktop itself recognizes my touch and i can work as long as the
backlight is still on. I found out that the backlight gets back on when
i press the aux button. This is happening with andy-tracking. I still
have to try if this also happens with the latest official 2.6.28.

Second big problem for me is that wlan isn't working anymore. With
2.6.24 it worked quite good and stable. But with 2.6.28-OM and
2.6.29-andy it only works half. I can associate with my AP and the
freerunner and my AP both list each other as connected. But than no
communication works at all. I started wireshark on my freerunner and it
shows that the only protocoll which is exchanged is "LLC" which i don't
know. But the dhcp request is never answered. And wireshark on my
linux-AP shows that it never receives any request at all. At the moment
i only tried dhcp and no static configuration on my freerunner. But dhcp
worked very stable with the 2.6.24 kernel and a static configuration is
not very usefull whith changing wlan locations.

Another problem is that the memory consumption on debian is much higher
and the system responsiveness is much slower than before. But this could
also be a problem of other system components which are updated on a
regular basis.

So i hope anyone can suggest me a kernel which works as much as i could
even use my freerunner again. At the moment it is useless without
working backlight after suspend and working wlan. :/


[1] http://git.openmoko.org/?p=kernel.git;a=shortlog;h=andy-tracking
[2] http://downloads.openmoko.org/distro/unstable/NeoFreerunner/

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