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Gunnar AAstrand Grimnes gunnar.grimnes at
Wed Mar 25 08:20:25 CET 2009

Thanks for the reply Steve, and sorry that I am being a bit confrontational!

Of course I do not expect you to do your dirty laundry in public (but it
was those lunchtime magnum bottles of champagne on the expense account,
wans't it?), but since Andy did make a lot of good and very visible
changes, a quick "We are sorry to see him go, wish him all luck in his
future endeavours and Werner will take over kernel patch management"
message would have been nice!


(also for the in buzz fix thread reply - cleared it up for me!)

- Gunnar

Steve Mosher wrote:
> Thanks Gunnar,
>    There is one thing we tend to be very tight lipped about.  HR issues.
> That is its very rare that you will find any employee commenting on why
> a particular individual is not with the company anymore. Some people are 
> let go for performance. Some are let go due to cost cutting. Some choose
> voluntary separation. Some request to be let go. This is highly personel
> data, so we try to avoid at all costs talking about these issues.
> As to the other issues, there are some cases were the situation is so 
> fluid and still in process that commenting really isnt possible. I'll 
> relook at the official buzz fix thread and see if I can add anything 
> helpful.
> Gunnar Aastrand Grimnes wrote:
>> I love these threads where we talk about company things, like the recent
>>  "official buzz fix" thread, or the "secret UI design team" IRC
>> conversation, and there is NEVER any response from OpenMoko.
>> I wonder if they see the community mailinglist as COMMUNITY ONLY, i.e.
>> no employees allowed? :)
>> Cheers,
>> - Gunnar
>> Laszlo KREKACS wrote:
>>> Dear List,
>>> I can't express how sad I'm when I read Andy Green left Openmoko.
>>> I do not know why he left (and it is not my business anyway), but
>>> I know since Andy was at Openmoko the kernel side began
>>> to form shape, and got things work. (suspend? anyone?)
>>> I know that every people is replacable at a company, but show
>>> me at least two people who made as much commit/day (and code quality)
>>> what Andy did.
>>> You cant, because there is no black magic here, no marketing
>>> mantra, it is all public and we can see who commits what into the git tree.
>>> So you just let go the single most valuable people at kernel side.
>>> Nice try.
>>> I do not know who is responsible for this desicion but I hope they are
>>> not the same "design team" who had fired Rasterman.
>>> Oh, and Harald Welte had left Openmoko too, but we never knew the exact details.
>>> Who left?
>>> At the hardware side: Werner and Joerg
>>> at the software side: Mirko and hmm, nobody?
>>> Im counting... How long will they stand?
>>> If I had enough money I would just hire those people and form a new company and
>>> outsource the fabrication to a chinese company
>>> (that's exactly what everyone does including apple) and forget about Openmoko
>>> (the name was a bad choice anyway ;)
>>> I know this letter a bit harsh, but it is intented to address to whom
>>> is concerned:
>>> Get your head out of your @ss, sit down and think about a bit.
>>> You must honor those people who gets the job done!
>>> The best would be just hire back those valueable people, and work out how
>>> they want to work. Even if they want to form a new (software) company, to
>>> make sure this situation will never happen again.
>>> I always wanted to buy the next model of openmoko, but I know exactly,
>>> if it has
>>> bugs (and surely it will), never or really slowly will be fixed
>>> (as the current(=everyone gets fired) situation shows).
>>> And if it will have hardware bugs, they will be never fixed by
>>> Openmoko (as the company),
>>> and I can just hope that some people offer *their free time and
>>> knowledge* and fix
>>> the problem UNOFFICIALLY (unless they did not get until fired).
>>> Can you imagine where we were today without Andy and Rasterman?
>>> I surely can: an unofficial/unsupported qtextended with an unoptimized
>>> 2.6.22 kernel.
>>> All those nice things came from these (fired) people.
>>> I'm afraid of the future.
>>> Best regards,
>>>  Laszlo
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