linphone 3.1.0

Paul Fertser fercerpav at
Wed Mar 25 09:39:00 CET 2009


Al Johnson <openmoko at> writes:
> Here's a preliminary bitbake recipe for the latest linphone release. Binaries 
> for fso-milestone5 are in:

Great thanks for working on that! :)

> Problems:
> * I haven't got it to do sound yet - it seems unhappy with the alsa device 
> capabilities. I don't know if this is a configuration issue or a fundamental 
> problem.

I guess you face the same issue with borked /etc/asound.conf as
others. It has dmix as the default device, and dmix obviously doesn't
support recording. Probably you can remove /etc/asound.conf altogether
or try to mimic configuration of any desktop distro. Or just configure
linphone to use hw:0,0 by default.

Also, don't forget that a special voip.state should be loaded before
trying to input/output sound. It uses DAI mode 10 and arecord -D
hw:0,0 | aplay -D hw:0,0 is known to work.

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