Bluetooth headsets to the rescue

arne anka openmoko at
Wed Mar 25 10:49:22 CET 2009

> 3. Several individuals in the field followed the instructions and
> reported back that the fix worked. ( I dont recall any of the early
> reports back indicating issues with wired hreadset mics. Nobody tested
> it I suppose )

well, i asked for it a long time ago, long before the buzz was fully  
identified. the answer i got was to try a ferrite bead around the  
headset's wire, which did not help at all.
then the the buzz issue gained a lot of momentum, but nobody ever  
mentioned it to be different from the buzz with the wired hs -- so i  
simply assumed it to be the same issue and thus to be fixed with the sop  

> from somebody in the community who suggested that people bring their FR
> to a local show and they get somebody to fix phones. Building on that
> idea we throw in the party idea. So first and foremost this is going to
> be a community effort.

i have no problem with volunteer work and the party idea either (at least  
it allows to show up in person and have it fixed almost immediately, and  
not having it posted somewhere and being days w/o phone).
but so far there was no definite answer about what happens in a case of  
mors in tabula, ie the fr is dead afterwards -- the best was something  
like "maybe om will replace those".

if om is willing to state that they are to replace phones killed by  
applying the fix according to the sop, my concerns are resolved.

according to the latest news on the headset buzz i don't think there will  
ever be a sensible field applicable fix, so i would have to live with the  
internal buzz fix and the workarounds sketched out.

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