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Steve Mosher steve at
Wed Mar 25 19:17:51 CET 2009


    I didnt consider your post the least bit confrontational. You should 
see some of the mails I send to folks. I like your suggestion about
some sort of farewell announcement.

Gunnar AAstrand Grimnes wrote:
> Thanks for the reply Steve, and sorry that I am being a bit confrontational!
> Of course I do not expect you to do your dirty laundry in public (but it
> was those lunchtime magnum bottles of champagne on the expense account,
> wans't it?), but since Andy did make a lot of good and very visible
> changes, a quick "We are sorry to see him go, wish him all luck in his
> future endeavours and Werner will take over kernel patch management"
> message would have been nice!
> Thanks,
> (also for the in buzz fix thread reply - cleared it up for me!)
> - Gunnar
> Steve Mosher wrote:
>> Thanks Gunnar,
>>    There is one thing we tend to be very tight lipped about.  HR issues.
>> That is its very rare that you will find any employee commenting on why
>> a particular individual is not with the company anymore. Some people are 
>> let go for performance. Some are let go due to cost cutting. Some choose
>> voluntary separation. Some request to be let go. This is highly personel
>> data, so we try to avoid at all costs talking about these issues.
>> As to the other issues, there are some cases were the situation is so 
>> fluid and still in process that commenting really isnt possible. I'll 
>> relook at the official buzz fix thread and see if I can add anything 
>> helpful.
>> Gunnar Aastrand Grimnes wrote:
>>> I love these threads where we talk about company things, like the recent
>>>  "official buzz fix" thread, or the "secret UI design team" IRC
>>> conversation, and there is NEVER any response from OpenMoko.
>>> I wonder if they see the community mailinglist as COMMUNITY ONLY, i.e.
>>> no employees allowed? :)
>>> Cheers,
>>> - Gunnar
>>> Laszlo KREKACS wrote:
>>>> Dear List,
>>>> I can't express how sad I'm when I read Andy Green left Openmoko.
>>>> I do not know why he left (and it is not my business anyway), but
>>>> I know since Andy was at Openmoko the kernel side began
>>>> to form shape, and got things work. (suspend? anyone?)
>>>> I know that every people is replacable at a company, but show
>>>> me at least two people who made as much commit/day (and code quality)
>>>> what Andy did.
>>>> You cant, because there is no black magic here, no marketing
>>>> mantra, it is all public and we can see who commits what into the git tree.
>>>> So you just let go the single most valuable people at kernel side.
>>>> Nice try.
>>>> I do not know who is responsible for this desicion but I hope they are
>>>> not the same "design team" who had fired Rasterman.
>>>> Oh, and Harald Welte had left Openmoko too, but we never knew the exact details.
>>>> Who left?
>>>> At the hardware side: Werner and Joerg
>>>> at the software side: Mirko and hmm, nobody?
>>>> Im counting... How long will they stand?
>>>> If I had enough money I would just hire those people and form a new company and
>>>> outsource the fabrication to a chinese company
>>>> (that's exactly what everyone does including apple) and forget about Openmoko
>>>> (the name was a bad choice anyway ;)
>>>> I know this letter a bit harsh, but it is intented to address to whom
>>>> is concerned:
>>>> Get your head out of your @ss, sit down and think about a bit.
>>>> You must honor those people who gets the job done!
>>>> The best would be just hire back those valueable people, and work out how
>>>> they want to work. Even if they want to form a new (software) company, to
>>>> make sure this situation will never happen again.
>>>> I always wanted to buy the next model of openmoko, but I know exactly,
>>>> if it has
>>>> bugs (and surely it will), never or really slowly will be fixed
>>>> (as the current(=everyone gets fired) situation shows).
>>>> And if it will have hardware bugs, they will be never fixed by
>>>> Openmoko (as the company),
>>>> and I can just hope that some people offer *their free time and
>>>> knowledge* and fix
>>>> the problem UNOFFICIALLY (unless they did not get until fired).
>>>> Can you imagine where we were today without Andy and Rasterman?
>>>> I surely can: an unofficial/unsupported qtextended with an unoptimized
>>>> 2.6.22 kernel.
>>>> All those nice things came from these (fired) people.
>>>> I'm afraid of the future.
>>>> Best regards,
>>>>  Laszlo
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