Bluetooth headsets to the rescue

Steve Mosher steve at
Wed Mar 25 19:26:29 CET 2009

thanks ezuall,

  I never took it as an attack on OM. There are some things we never 
counted on in building a business. Things you learn over time. Like
doing field repairs. It involves whole departments and staff that are 
simply not present at OM. In Marketing we are only a couple people deep.
Me the VP and a couple others who also have sales duties. Still, we 
picked up this task and will drive it forward at the best pace we can.

ezuall wrote:
> Thank you for the feedback Steve,
> Please note that this was never meant to be an attack on Openmoko, just a question that was nagging me for a while there.  I really meant what I said when saying I am a fanboy.  
> Now I have nothing left to winge about, and I've used up my last questions.  
> Am I happy now?  Yes, just the feedback is enough.  I don't ask questions so people can say what I want to hear, I ask them for the real answers, and that's what you gave us.
> Thanks again and all the best
> ezuall

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