Bluetooth headsets to the rescue

Steve Mosher steve at
Wed Mar 25 19:46:11 CET 2009

arne anka wrote:
>> 3. Several individuals in the field followed the instructions and
>> reported back that the fix worked. ( I dont recall any of the early
>> reports back indicating issues with wired hreadset mics. Nobody tested
>> it I suppose )
> well, i asked for it a long time ago, long before the buzz was fully  
> identified. the answer i got was to try a ferrite bead around the  
> headset's wire, which did not help at all.
> then the the buzz issue gained a lot of momentum, but nobody ever  
> mentioned it to be different from the buzz with the wired hs -- so i  
> simply assumed it to be the same issue and thus to be fixed with the sop  
> available.
  I suppose it also didnt get on our radar screen because we dont supply
  or test any wired headset mic.
>> from somebody in the community who suggested that people bring their FR
>> to a local show and they get somebody to fix phones. Building on that
>> idea we throw in the party idea. So first and foremost this is going to
>> be a community effort.
> i have no problem with volunteer work and the party idea either (at least  
> it allows to show up in person and have it fixed almost immediately, and  
> not having it posted somewhere and being days w/o phone).
> but so far there was no definite answer about what happens in a case of  
> mors in tabula, ie the fr is dead afterwards -- the best was something  
> like "maybe om will replace those".

  Assuming a good tech the yield rate should be very high and I would 
replace phones killed in action. I've already done that for one guy
who tried and failed. The key is getting a good tech you can trust.
If we can assure he knows what he is doing, then those killed in action
would be replaced. In one case I think we just handled it by paying the 
tech in phones. Say, he gets 5 phones for a fix it party. If he's good
he walks away with 5 phones to sell. If he's bad, he has to use his
"pay" of 5 phones to replace the ones he breaks.

> if om is willing to state that they are to replace phones killed by  
> applying the fix according to the sop, my concerns are resolved.

  The key points here would be determining that the SOP was followed
by a competetent technician, then yes.
> according to the latest news on the headset buzz i don't think there will  
> ever be a sensible field applicable fix, so i would have to live with the  
> internal buzz fix and the workarounds sketched out.
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