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arne anka wrote:
>>    There is one thing we tend to be very tight lipped about.  HR issues.
> nobody expects to hear internals, but visible information about staff  
> changes, at least when it affects people being some kind of om's face to  
> community, would help.

A couple other have made this suggestion. I would put it on the 
responsible manager to announce the changes in his departments 
coordinated with the person who has a change in status.

  In Sales and Marketing We had the following changes:

  1. Ailsa is no longer with the company
  2. Ijen is no longer with the company.
  3. Tony Tu is no longer reporting to me.

So for right now Sales and Marketing is:

  1. Steve
  2. Chelsea
  3. Jollen

and we get assistence from liane who works the web shop.

>> As to the other issues, there are some cases were the situation is so
>> fluid and still in process that commenting really isnt possible. I'll
>> relook at the official buzz fix thread and see if I can add anything
>> helpful.
> of course it is problematic. but communication is an important part of  
> community building and community relations.
> we got those montly community updates, a section like "from om, the  
> company", noticing about ongoing issues would be highly apprecaited, i  
> think.
> there, in short, could be mentioned that important, community visible  
> members of staff are leaving or hired or what you wrote regarding the  
> buzz: tests going on, procedure has been etablished, bids are requested,  
> pondering ways of fixing in field ...
> so we could rest assured that those things are not forgotten but being  
> worked on (and maybe the wired headset buzzing would have come up again  
> earlier).

We dont disagree. The issue is always priorities. A while back when we 
were more heavily staffed in sales and marketing I made it a point to
read the community list everyday; however, more and more of my time is
now taken up by other matters; At some point I look at my community list
and say " 600 mails, i never get through that" then it goes to 800, then
1000." Luckily, there a few folks who will mail me directly when they 
see that some big fire needs my attention. You can do that if you like
Just dont make it an everyday thing.

> the heated debates when rasterman left or about the way to handle th buzz  
> fix could maybe have been a lot cooler with a constant flow (or trickle)  
> of information, even if it says "we hear you, but we're not quite sure  
> yet, how to procede".

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