Data call (aka CSD) with QtExtended

Ed Kapitein ed at
Fri Mar 27 09:29:23 CET 2009

Hi Tuan,

I think our distributions differ to much to be of any more help. i am
using om2008.12, you could try to run that of an sd card and see if it
works that way.
Aparently you do have a working data number on your phone, so that is a
good thing.
The hardware in the FR is capabale of making data calls, so that is a
good thing too.

Good luck, and let us know your success/failures, we all can learn from

Kind regards,

On Fri, 2009-03-27 at 13:11 +0700, Tuan TRINH wrote:
> Hi Ed,
> My answers are bellow.
> On Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 5:56 PM, Ed Kapitein <ed at> wrote:
>         Hi Tuan,
>         Strange that no connection is made to the landline modem.
>         you see no response, but dou you see the at commands echoed
>         back?
> >>> When I make data calls, I see AT cmd echo back with OK --> modem
> acepts cmd.
>         if not use ate1 to see the responses.
> >>> I always use ATE1 at fisrt.
>         you can restart /usr/sbin/gsm0710muxd with the -v option and
>         use logread
>         to see what is send and received from the modem.
> >>> Woop, I never see this process via ps. I use qtextend and before
> doing things with socat I always shutdown qtextend so I can connect
> to /dev/ttySA0. Do I need this before making data calls? Actually I
> can make voice calls by ATs without this.
>         If you use the motorola to call your FR, can you pick up the
>         call with
>         the ATA command?
> >>> Can, after seeing RING, I use ATH to accept.
>         Do you see a "ring" message?
>         Good luck !
>         Ed
>         On Thu, 2009-03-26 at 17:38 +0700, Tuan TRINH wrote:
>         > Hi Ed,
>         > Just try to initiate data call but no success.
>         >
>         > There is a strange symptom that is: If I use the same SIM
>         but on other
>         > mobile (Motorora Z8) I can hear the far end land-line modem
>         sound
>         > respone but if I use FR to call the same modem: (1) via AT
>         commands I
>         > see no response, both sound and response modem characters so
>         can not
>         > use expect(CONNECT) with ppp (2) via GUI, it drop the call.
>         >
>         > My FR can do voice call normally.
>         >
>         > Do you have any way to debug the status of data call while
>         using AT
>         > commands? I just know +CEER but it does not give much info.
>         >
>         > Cordially,
>         > Tuan

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