FatFingerShell vt with fullscreen keyboard

DJDAS djdas at djdas.net
Fri Mar 27 15:02:21 CET 2009

The Digital Pioneer ha scritto:
> Hey, this is great! Best FR terminal I've seen. I do have a question 
> though... In the output, it says "./fatfingershell: can't access font 
> 8x13, trying fixed" just before creating its GUI. That doesn't seem to 
> be a problem, but I don't like rogue error messages, so where can I 
> get that font?
I get the previous error and then this message, after GUI creation, and 
the program quits:

./fatfingershell: select failed

Using Om2008.9+FDOM, any suggestion?

Thank you very much for this great idea! :)

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