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Fri Mar 27 18:19:40 CET 2009

 i didn't found a terminal and i 
detect no ssh-daemon, so i couldn't connect directly to the phone. had someone 
a reason here?

i just want to edit /etc/fstab

There is no ssh daemon. Nor is there a /etc/fstab!

If you have your SD card in two partitions, as is recommended for android, then the second partition is mounted as /data

The first partition should be mounted as /sdcard and is used as the equivalent of the extrnal SD on the G1, where the phone looks for music and other stuff.

in some of the images this mount fails due to /sdcard not existing. You'll need to get access using adb and then remount the root partition as rw, create the mount point and the reboot the phone, if this directory isn't there.

Then the phone storage details in the settings should display both internal and sd card storage.
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