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Sat Mar 28 12:31:57 CET 2009

Hi all

I think the Hackable:1 distribution uses a quite efficient and quick way to
organize the applications icons : a "home" screen with only the most used
applications (now dates, contacts, dialer), and another screen with a list
containing the categories. When selecting an item on the list, you get the
filtered icons.

Why not using this kind of menu for other distributions ?


2009/3/28 Fernando Martins <fernando at>

> Martino wrote:
> > Thanks to evry body..
> > @Fernando:
> > For example can you use frequently some apps from 2 different category
> > and take open the 2 category (but I know the problem can be solve
> > using a favorite category..).. It' only an idea.. :D
> >
> A favorites is nice but I would like to have a sliding toolbar (like in
> illume config) where the common apps are shown as icons. Then the tabbed
> interface would show the full collection and allow me to drag and drop
> icons from there into the toolbar.
> Regards,
> Fernando
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