ffalarms 0.2.1 and atd-over-fso (now works on SHR-testing)

Marcel tanuva at googlemail.com
Sat Mar 28 13:49:47 CET 2009

Am Saturday 28 March 2009 01:58:34 schrieb Łukasz Pankowski:
> Hello
> I am the author of Finger friendly alarms [1].  Which I developed for
> Om 2008.12 up to version 0.2.
> I am happy to announce version 0.2.1 of ffalarms which adds support
> for SHR (tested on SHR testing) -- for this I ported atd to work on
> top of FSO Framework Time API (called atd-over-fso available from
> ffalarms download page [2]).  Version 0.2 also fixes Daylight Saving
> Time problem and adds several minor improvements, see [3] for
> installation instructions and detailed changes and [2] for downloads.
> Please report any problems or possible improvements (those may take
> long time to come :)).
> [1] http://ffalarms.projects.openmoko.org/
> [2] http://projects.openmoko.org/frs/?group_id=260
> [3] http://projects.openmoko.org/frs/shownotes.php?release_id=488

Hey Łukasz,

first: you've built a nice gui there :)
But I've got some problem: I'm using Debian (which somehow has an atd on my 
desktop system but I cannot find it in the repositories...) and am happy to 
hear you made a(n?) fso wrapper. Having extracted the binary and initscript 
from the ipkg by hand, I get this message on starting atd:

d-a318:~# DISPLAY=:0 atd /var/spool/at/
Error: Connection ":1.57" is not allowed to own the 
service "org.openmoko.projects.ffalarms.atd" due to security policies in the 
configuration file

[added the DISPLAY-variable because I suspected x forwarding to mess something 
up there]
Which config file do I have to change and what would these changes look like?

I'd be really happy having an actually working alarms app for the Neo, thanks 
for your work! :)


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