Organize the desktop in sub category..

Fernando Martins fernando at
Sat Mar 28 15:44:27 CET 2009

Martino wrote:
> @Fernando: Mmm.. I undersatnd.. Yes sure but I thinked at the sub 
> category vison on the main scree for more coerence at the illume.. In 
> second Illume has just a similar solution with the large slider ... I 
> don't know If you understand but my english is very bad..
I'm afraid I don't follow you. Maybe you could post in Italian (I guess 
it's your language) and post also an automatic English translation (e.g. 

Some other remarks, merely my very subjective opinion:
- in the first picture, I don't like so much the layout of the top bar. 
The bar doesn't look so elegant, as the rest of the design, because:
-- it looks  un-organised with wasted space. I suppose the two icons on 
top left represent running applications. I would rather have mini-icos 
representing running applications, fit next to the already existing 
min-icons, without a need to expand de top bar.
-- IMHO, the notification/info mini icons should also never move (they 
went down with the expansion). They should provide a sense of 
stability/anchor to the interface.

BTW, what would your interface do when a category has more icons than 
can be fitted in one line? Would it work like a horizontal scrollbar or 
would the area expand vertically to fit all icons, or...

I hope I'm not making you loose motivation with my challenges. I really 
like the visuals and it looks a clean, elegant and intuitive interface. 
I would love to have something along those lines in my FR.


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