Wiki: Permission denied?

Marcel tanuva at
Sat Mar 28 17:35:16 CET 2009

Am Saturday 28 March 2009 17:16:26 schrieb Toni Mueller:
> Hello,
> while trying to read the wiki, I _often_ get permission denied. Eg.
> here:
> Go to the lower half of that page, and click on "Boot from microSD".
> The link is
> which I take as meaning that the target page has been removed. I saw
> such a page recently, though I can't say whether it was this, or
> another page.
> Similar things actually happen all over the place. :-(
Noticed that "&action=edit" in the link? You try to edit the page 
Boot_from_sd_card and you're not allowed to do that without being logged in. 
Afaik. Try without &action=edit, that should work.
In this case the edit is appended to the url because the page does not exist 
yet (fat red link instead of normal orange one) and therefore editing it to 
fill it with content is the only option. One just created the link without 
writing the page.


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