graphical nethack for freerunner (alpha version released)

giacomo "giotti" mariani giacomomariani at
Sat Mar 28 18:18:36 CET 2009

>> Warnign: Not yet playable!
> Hi Giacomo,
> Actually, I think you can help me. Take one screenshot and start Gimp.
> Make decise, is it portrait or landscaped (fullscreen / default
> statusbar). Cut and paste elements. Use text tool and check different
> fontsizes. Count number of commands. Maybe do some sorting for
> commands, which must be always visible, which are in some dropdown
> menu. (or toggleable toolbar rows?). How menus are used? How small
> command-icon we can use?
Hi Aapo,
I will do something (I'm not good in graphic, again sorry) as soon as I 
I can tell what I think now:
i)   portrait is better;
ii)  full-screen is better (see iv));
iii) I've found  some interesting screen-shots [2] that are similar to 
[1] and improve the playable area;
iv) the win-ce specific area (last row in [2]) can be used for 
frequently used commands 
           (I suggest: quit, save, throw, zap, look, loot and someone 
else... );
v)  about  menu I think that pop-ups like  [3] are the best solution;
vi) it would be nice to resize fonts in both menus and dialog (if possible).
> btw: Is there way to tune scrollbars width in one program only or it
> is binded to theme? Because nethack is not for finger, one must use
> stylus. So we need more space and narrow scrollbars.
I agree with you, but I don't know the answer.....sorry.

> -Aapo Rantalainen


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