Organize the desktop in sub category..

Fernando Martins fernando at
Sun Mar 29 13:51:15 CEST 2009

David Reyes Samblas Martinez wrote:
>> The main advantage on this layout for me is to display the icons for the
>> most used apps (or favorites). Unfortunately, folder icons for app
>> organisation is sooo computer biased and boring :-)
> Totally agree, so that's why I suppose the creators hs decided to use
> this icons instead ;)

Yes I had seen them, but I don't like them (at least as seen out of 
context) and I don't think replacing a classical folder icon by another 
one (even prettier) solves the problem. Actually it might make it worth 
(In my initial quick look I didn't even realise they were intended as 
"folder" icon replacements). A common UI mistake is to put an icon 
without a label...

The UI provided by Martino is obvious (as it should), I just miss the 
common apps icons directly accessible.


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