[QtExtended] voicemail number not found

Franky Van Liedekerke liedekef at telenet.be
Sun Mar 29 21:12:26 CEST 2009


I seem to have a bit of an AT-problem to set the voicemail number in
qtextended. The number it should be is "1230", so I pressed the
voicemail button, and found in the AT logs:

Qtopia: AtChat :  T : "AT+CSVM?" 
Qtopia: AtChat :  F : "+CSVM: 0,"1230",129"
Qtopia: AtChat :  F : "OK" 

But no "1230" as number for voicemail. After that I configure it and I
get for setting:

Qtopia: AtChat :  T : "AT+CSVM=1,"1230",129"
Qtopia: AtChat :  F : "OK" 

And after that for querying:
Qtopia: AtChat :  T : "AT+CSVM?" 
Qtopia: AtChat :  F : "+CSVM: 1,"1230",129"
Qtopia: AtChat :  F : "OK" 

And now I see the voicemail number, but after a restart of qtextended,
it is gone again. It seems that qtextended ignores the response "+CSVM:
0,"1230",129", maybe because it begins with "0"? But it accepts the one
with "1", but that one doesn't seem to be persistent after a qtextended
I've also found this in the code, which reads the CSVM command output:

void QModemServiceNumbers::csvm( bool, const QAtResult& result )
    // Voice mail query: <mode>[,<number>[,<type>]]
    QAtResultParser cmd( result );
    cmd.next( "+CSVM:" );
    if ( cmd.readNumeric() != 0 ) {
        QString num = cmd.readString();
        num = QAtUtils::decodeNumber( num, cmd.readNumeric() );
        emit serviceNumber( QServiceNumbers::VoiceMail, num );
    } else {
        emit serviceNumber( QServiceNumbers::VoiceMail, QString() );

so anybody with a bit of good fortune, please enlighten me :-)


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