[QtExtended] Bad kernel used as base image and other issues

Franky Van Liedekerke liedekef at telenet.be
Mon Mar 30 22:22:45 CEST 2009


it seems the base image used for the qt-extended-improved
(testing-om-gta02-20090120.uImage.bin) has at least one flaw: it
doesn't unsuspend when a message (sms) arrives.
I've tried with the basic released version of Om2008.12, and this one
works as expected for that: when a sms arrives, the device unsuspends
and shows an alert. So the testing kernel should be replaced by another
one that works ok.

Now, it seems that there are still some issues at hand:

- when somebody calls for the first time, the call is registered twice,
  so it results in one missed call. But on subsequent calls from the
  same number, this doesn't happen anymore.

- when a second sms arrives, it results in 3 sms's in the inbox,
  instead of 2. It seems the previous sms is counted twice.
  I believe the reason for this to be the following: qtextended sees an
  alert for a new sms, checks the simcard and copies all the sms's from
  there, but it fails to remove them from the sim afterwards.
  Therefore, the scenario is the following:

        |  sms count on sim | sms count in qt
  sms 1:         1                  1
  sms 2:         2                  1+2
  sms 3:         3                  1+2+3
  etc ...

  This is consistent when I switch the sim-card to another phone: I
  then see 3 sms's on the sim. And in qt-extended (without sim) I see 6
  sms's in the inbox.
  I don't know if this issue is fixed in later kernels or so? I am
  using the latest gsm firmware (moko11), so maybe the kernel is the
  problem here ... might a2.6.28 or newer kernel help?

- the voicemail number is not retained across reboots

- voicenotes app not recording

Maybe I should really wait for a combined 2.6.28 patch for qtextended
and try that one then? Radek (see bottom
http://lists.openmoko.org/nabble.html#nabble-td2474272) doesn't seem to
have the sms-duplicating issue at least ...


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