[shr] Headset detect?

Al Johnson openmoko at mazikeen.demon.co.uk
Tue Mar 31 12:13:38 CEST 2009

On Monday 30 March 2009, xChris wrote:
> Hi,
> I though it was fixed, maybe not.
> When I connect the headset, I hear the audio from both the external speaker
> of the FR and the Left headset at the same time. (there is no sound from
> the right headset)

That is what would be expected if the output is set to the speaker rather than 
the headset. I assume you have a correctly wired headset.

> I though the headset was autodetect...
> How can I fix it?

Check rules.yaml to see that there is a rule in place to handle headset 
insertion. Enable logging for frameworkd to see what's going on. It is 
possible that the insertion event is being reacted to, but some other app or 
rule is changing back to the stereoout state.

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