shr-testing- how to switch on gsm?

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Fri May 1 00:55:11 CEST 2009

O Domingo, 26 de Abril de 2009, Fernando Martins escribiu:
> I've just flashed shr testing 22nd April and I don't get the usual pin
> code request. Also, the icons "Contacts" and "Mofi" on the desktop are
> just two blank sheets.
> Under settings, the GSM antena is set off but I can't change it to on.
> The "Modem information" does nothing (not yet implemented?).
> So, how can I start GSM, manually and on startup?

The same is happening to me, with the SHR testing April,22nd image. It 
happened also with a 16th April image updated to latest level. I though 
something broke on the update, and I reflashed with a clean image, but it 
didn't solved the problems.

My experience:

-SHR can boot one or two times OK. SHR register to network or gives you 
the "no sim" message, depending on if you have SIM inserted or not.

-But then it starts to fail. I couldn't find any pattern, but it happens 
normally on the 2nd or 3th boot.
It doesn't register, nor gives you the "no sim inserted" message. SHR settings 
say "no ophonekitd running" when you try to start it

-The ONLY way I found to "back to normality" is to boot *ANY OTHER* 
distribution (I have some more on the SIM card) and then reboot in SHR.
Then it starts to work again.
It sounds strange, but it works to me.

It never happened to me with April 16th image or before.

Hope this information helps.

David Garabana Barro
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