NEW e-tasks Alpha release Updated

c_c cchandel at
Fri May 1 04:44:47 CEST 2009

 I've made a few bug fixes and changes as follows :-
 * change task from details page (!)
 * exclaimation mark indication for old tasks
 * refresh hover on add / del categories
 * sort task list on category , date

  There is a bug where it crashes if you press the add button while you're
changing a task. Will sort that out today, hopefully.

  Thanks to everyone who tested this. 
   I know the top line (where you can edit / change a task) was
non-intuitive without a label - but I was trying to save space.

Help / Suggestions Needed
1. Haven't yet figured out a way to scroll the entry when it's in a
horizontal box. The window goes beyond the screen for long tasks.
2. GUI - needs to be more intuitive.

All suggestions / ideas welcome. Even those with tongue-in-cheek! ;-) e-tasks_0.11_arm.ipk 

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