Intone (0.30 - beta release) Elementary based mplayer frontend

Robin Paulson robin.paulson at
Sat May 2 04:22:29 CEST 2009

2009/5/2 c_c <cchandel at>:
>>> happening because my files didn't have an
>>> extension. adding .mp3 fixed it
>>> is this a bug with intone?
> Ah ! Talk about missing the obvious. Yup - probably. Intone expects an
> extension. Didn't want to play with magic to get the file type - and here we
> are.
>  OK, this should hopefully help me stopping the crash. I'm still wondering
> whether I should get into the magic part - could really slow down the scan.
>  What do you (anyone) think?

tough question to answer - it means weighing thre balance between how
likely people are to having files with no extension, the time it adds
to do scanning, whether people could figure out what i figured out,
and how likely people would be to change the filenames.

i found the same thing happened with amarok - it expects an extension as well

on the other hand, you could just let people add *anything* to the
library, regardless of whether it's music, image, executable, or
whatever else they're likely to do, and then let mplayer sort out what
happens when you try to play a non-audio track - i'm guessing mplayer
can work out without being told, what type of file it is?

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