NEW e-tasks Alpha release Updated

c_c cchandel at
Sat May 2 11:53:10 CEST 2009


Richy-2 wrote:
>>If there are no tasks, it would be nice if you could just change
>>priority, name and date and press save
Ok. I've added that to the latest release. 

Other Changes :-
* cleaned up the gui a bit
* stopped the 'segmentation fault' on pressing add while editing a task
* fixed a bug where a few tasks were not being saved

Richy-2 wrote:
>>Other then that its already usable now!
>>Thanks for the work!
 You're welcome.

 I need help in preventing the entry in the topmost line from expanding out
of the screen.
 Any Ideas? e-tasks_0.12_arm.ipk 
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