[Mokomaze 0.5.0] is released

Michael Zanetti michael_zanetti at gmx.net
Sat May 2 14:44:27 CEST 2009

On Saturday 02 May 2009 07:20:28 ANT wrote:
> Nicola Mfb
> >>on shr-unstable mokomaze E displays two icons, I
> >>had to remove extra categories in the .desktop file.
> Thanks for report.
> The Digital Pioneer
> >>To fix the icon, just edit the .desktop file and
> >>change the Icon=mokomaze to Icon=mokomaze.png
> If these problems (double icons and no icons) are new or previous version
> of the game (0.2.3) has them too?
> I'll see FreeDesktop Menu Specification and repack .ipk and .deb.

Here the icon was missing too. After I restarted the neo the icon appeard. No 
change in the .desktop file was needed...

Thanks for this great game! Version 0.5 really rocks!!!


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