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narkos at iol.it narkos at iol.it
Sat May 2 16:14:54 CEST 2009

you can download the keyboard from

to set up the 
dns use this command:
setprop net.dns1 x.x.x.x

hope this help


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>narkos at iol.it wrote:
>> (...)
>> WIFI got connected (but I 
>> had to install 
qad-keybord to set the passwd) but browser is unable to load any 
>> pages. 

>How did you install qad-keyboard, I am having the same problem.
>> I manually 
set the dns (with open dns) but it doesn't work; using th 
>> enumeric ip 
address it works!
>Where can you set this? I have changed my wirless to 
an open network
>just to get automatically connected without a password, and 
although I
>was connected to my wifi, none of the applications seemed to be 
able to
>connect to the internet.
>> That's all for now
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