OMNewRotate 0.5.4 is out!

rms at rms at
Sat May 2 18:36:08 CEST 2009

OMNewRotate 0.5.4 is out!

Today I released omnewrotate 0.5.4, which fixes issues 5[0] and 6[1]

As I am testing the latest 2009 test image, I'm glad to
announce that it still works fine with current FSO, but Paroli
looks really bad when it goes landscape.

I've also added a “-p” (for powersaving) flag, oriented towards
activating, well, more conservative approaches such as reading
the accelerometer data not so frequently (which directly implies
less responsiveness, but it was asked for).

As usual, the download links are at the project's Google Code
site for omnewrotate[2] (see the featured downloads section):

	* the ipk of this release (OpenPGP sig) [3][4]
	* and its tar ball (OpenPGP sig) [5][6]




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