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Mon May 4 05:12:42 CEST 2009

hello list. I'm proud to present you my creation: scripta.
you can see some screenshots
Sorry,i know they are and fat ugly but my gimp is broken...

scripta is a bash application which uses zenity as interface. It allows to
easily run, create, modify and organize many little/middle size bash
I already provided some scripts to use opkg, and some others mainly for
testing purposes. The opkg install script is incomplete so don't use it, or
edit it if you want to give a try.

you can get the package here:

you can clone the git tree or just download the .tar.gz of the latest
to run it enter the package dir and execute ./scripta

The package is nearly untested, even though it don't crash on my pc and
don't do nasty things. I suggest to try it on your pc before, learning a bit
to use it and then put it on the om. This is because writing and modifying
scripts is possible but surely not handy on the neo.
If somebody wants to provide an icon and/or some scripts or suggestions
please contact me or this thread

read the scripts that you execute, there is no "safety measure" at all (yet)
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