SHR-testing 2009-05-02 broken?

Klaus 'mrmoku' Kurzmann mok at
Mon May 4 16:02:51 CEST 2009

Am Montag 04 Mai 2009 15:54:12 schrieb Yogiz:
> Hi.
> I reflashed SHR anew today using the following files:
> kernel:
> uImage-2.6.28-stable+gitr0e5fe639e234cdeb11d8441f19c5b3109a8b6a17-r2-om-gta
> rootfs:
> openmoko-shr-image-glibc-ipk--20090502-om-gta02.rootfs.jffs2
> When I boot for the first time, I get the message that there was an
> error loading the connman module and asking to disable it. The broken
> part seems to be the shutdown menu. When I press the power button or
> "X" from the top menu, I don't get the menu but a black vertical line
> about 1 px wide which disappears once I click anywhere on the screen.
Those are two different issues. The connman module is blacklisted by 
enlightenment upstream, because it needs adjustment to dbus API changes in 
connman. Would not work (and did not work) anyway. We will try to get rid of 
that error on first startup, but it is safe to just click on remove.

The shutdown menu is another issue... it broke by changes in enlightenment and 
needs fixing there. I was told somebody is working on it...

> I upgraded to unstable but the problem is still there. Can anyone
> confirm or suggest something?
Well... upgrading from testing to unstable won't bring you a new 
enlightenment, because at this moment the enlightenment in testing is newer 
than the one in unstable (which will change soon now)...

Klaus 'mrmoku' Kurzmann

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