EDJE key-pressed events from textblocks?

Timo Scheffler timo.scheffler at uni-oldenburg.de
Mon May 4 16:11:30 CEST 2009


I modified the zhone-app (I made an extra-style with small font to show
all 160 chars at sms-input) but now I wanted to see how many chars I
already have entered.

Is there a key-pressed-event or some other way to count the chars
enteres in the zhone-text-edit - edc?
It uses the textblock-part from EDJE and I am correct to assume, that
it's a direct text-input (without the python-script handling the pressed

It's just a minor question, but I think it's nice to know how many chars
are left.
(Or do you have another simple and fingerfriendly programm that has
zhone's abilities that I could use instead?)


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