[SHR] Shelf Gadget configuration and E restart

Laura Vance vancel at thespazcat.com
Mon May 4 18:32:21 CEST 2009

The clock on my visible shelf has been overlapping my GSM gadget, so I 
wanted to remove and re-add it.

expand the Shelf -> wrench -> Shelf Gadgets -> clock.

This would cause Enlightenment to crash and I would have to restart it 
(popup window with options of restart and exit).  After a few crashes, I 
was finally able to remove the clock.

I then tried the same process to put the clock back, and it wouldn't 
return to the shelf.  Every time produces the same Enlightenment crash.  
I've tried rebooting the phone with no success.

How can I get my clock back on the shelf?  Is there a config file I can 
manually edit?  I've grepped to try to find where it would be, but I 
don't think the recursive option (-r) on the grep is working properly, 
because it didn't find some files in /etc/ that the same grep from 
within the directory would find.


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