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KaZeR kazer at
Tue May 5 10:04:13 CEST 2009

David Samblas Martinez wrote:
> 2009/5/5 Risto H. Kurppa <risto at>:
>> The community work seems to be slowing down now (because of the
>> summer?) and the the community doesn't seem to be pushing together for
>> One Working Distro. We have about 15 distributions around but as far
>> as I know (I haven't tested them all..), they all are 'developer
>> skills required', not 'consumer friendly'.
> I dissgree, shr testing no need for developer skills, it just works as
> daily phone.

I agree. I'm using shr (switching from time to time between unstable and
testing) as my daily phone since two months.
There are a lot of things which needs polishing, some nasty bugs to fix, but
overall it just works, and you can see progresses almost everyday.
shr-settings is slow, but well-thought. GPS works fine. Yesterday i
installed notifier, which was definitely a missing feature (i encourage the
shr-guys to include it in the release). The UI is nice looking (but a bit
slow), it is well themed (every apps have the same look, it doesn't look
like a pile of things thrown together like in OM 2008-). I can show it to
people without fearing getting joked. The point is that it's far from
finished, but you can see that it's getting better everyday. And that's
definitely a good thing : it makes user feeling confident. I am feeling
Before shr, i was starting to believe that my neo will remain a geek toy. 

The only thing i miss from my OM-200x days is better contact management. 

The most nasty bug i'm suffering currently is the unreliable gprs. I use it
a lot, and there is a bug in FSO with the muxer which leads the modem to
hang over high load. It seems that mickey implemented a fix, but it's not
yet available on my testing.

Also the battery life is still way too short, and sound in calls is crappy.

But it works.

David Samblas Martinez wrote:
> Not I'm not but I have honestly admint I'm waiting for the final
> OM2009 before start testing.

So am i. I will definitely have a look at it, but when it is closer to the
release. I know that OM needs bug reports. But i also want something which
seems functionnal.. Plus i really like shr..

Also, about activity, don't forget that shr for example has its own mailing
list (until last week hosted here too, but now hosted by themselves).

About the mokomaze example, i would say it's like dictator, for example. The
soft just works, and it's nice.
People may get bored of always complaining. Bugs trackers are maybe a better
place to report bugs than mailing lists, even if it can be good to discuss
issues in the ML.

I'll try to test OM2009 soon, because, you're right, it needs user feedback.
But i didn't really want to wipe my working phone.

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