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Tue May 5 13:31:47 CEST 2009

Marcel wrote:
> Am Dienstag, 5. Mai 2009 08:27:59 schrieb Risto H. Kurppa:
>> OM2009 testing 2 was released some days ago. So far ~3 e-mails on the
>> list about it.
>> New version of Mokomaze was released some days ago, too. Around 50
>> mails. To me this tells that people are more interested in Mokomaze
>> than OM2009.
> I just prefer Debian over all these opkg-based distros because I love apt 
> and the huge Debian repositories (besides also having sid on my desktop). 
> Opkg-packaged software is being spread over various repos which one 
> shouldn't mix too much and opkg simply feels ... unfriendly. On the other 
> hand the fso stuff for example (not even thinking about elementary) gets 
> packaged for opkg first and later for Debian, but there's always a 
> downside... :)

For better compatability between deb and opkg, I am still in favour of
using the debian/ubuntu categories in opkg. See this thread from December:

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