SHR-testing 2009-05-02 broken?

Robin Paulson robin.paulson at
Tue May 5 13:35:26 CEST 2009

2009/5/4 Vasco Névoa <vasco.nevoa at>:
> That's not all that broke.
> I "opkg upgrade"d today, and shr-testing wouldn't launch X11 after a reboot.
> It is looking for a bunch of modules named
> "/usr/lib/evas/modules/*/*/linux-gnueabi-arm-ver-pre-01/",
> but the only ones that exist are
> "/usr/lib/evas/modules/*/*/linux-gnueabi-arm/"
> So I linked the directories that do exist with the names that it is
> looking for, and it is working again.
> Why is X11 looking for "linux-gnueabi-arm-ver-pre-01" instead of
> "linux-gnueabi-arm", and why doesn't my system have it?

someone upstream changed the name of the e packages, and opkg update +
opkg upgrade is now broken.

apparently the only way to get the new shr-testing is to re-flash, or
do what you've done

or wait till it's fixed by shr

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