hackable:1 - new release

Vinzenz Hersche hersche at puzzle.ch
Tue May 5 15:09:25 CEST 2009

yeah, this release rocks! :D

just one question.. is it possible to import  vcard and ics-files?
if it is, its my new favourite :)


On Dienstag, 5. Mai 2009 12.26:17 Marcus Bauer wrote:
> Hello Openmoko Community,
> a new release of hackable:1 is available! We have been working hard on
> ironing out bugs and making it a lot more usable and I am proud to
> announce that we have come a long way. Several developers are now using
> it as daily phone and internet device - so we are eating our own
> dogfood.
> hackable:1 now offers phone functionality and sms plus a full PIM suite
> consisting of contacts, calendar and todo list manager, plus a
> timesheet time tracker application.
> For internet use we have added a new browser optimised for small
> screens and speed. It is based on webkit and supports javascript and
> allows for quick access of all major functions. The Feedreader has been
> overhauled and comes with a set of predefined open source feeds to
> which you can add more to your personal liking.
> The default keyboard is "hackers" keyboard, i.e. for stylus use
> with all special characters quickly accessible. This allows for both,
> quickly typing an sms as well as using the command line effectively.
> hackable:1 is based on Debian Lenny thus 25.000 packages are only an
> apt-get far away. Many packages especially for development are
> pre-installed - compiler, linker, build tools, dev-libraries are
> already there for a quick start into development right on the phone,
> just in minutes.
> Changes since the last release (rev3)
> =====================================
>  * plenty of fixes to gsmd and phone-kit
>  * finger scroll works well now, no longer unwanted application starts
>  * plenty of fixes to the hackers keyboard - no more double key presses
>  * fully Lenny based
>  * added new browser "woosh"
>  * updated feedreader
>  * added calendar, todo, gallery
>  * well working autorotate
>  * and much, much more...
> How to install it
> =================
> hackable:1 is running from SD card, thus you can easily check it out as
> it wont touch your installation in flash of the phone. Simply untar it
> onto a SD card, pop the SD card into the phone and boot from it.
> The steps are:
> - format a 1GB+ SD card with 8MB fat and the rest ext2
> - untar the two tarballs
> - boot from the SD card
> The detailed steps for installation are here:
> http://www.hackable1.org/wiki/Installation
> Technology
> ==========
> The hackable:1 apps are GTK+ and C for speed, however there is no
> restriction. You like qt, e, f or g? You like python, perl or erlang?
> Welcome on board, this is open source/free software and freedom is
> about choice. Pick your poison! As of now the applications are a
> mixture of finger-based and stylus based whichever seems to fit best.
> What to expect
> ==============
> There will still be bugs. Some apps are not fully optimized for
> usability. But it is usable as phone, as PDA and as internet device.
> It is a community project, you can easily join, voice your opinion and
> add code and applications. The R&D department of Bearstech -the french
> distributor of the Openmoko Freerunners- is sponsoring the development,
> Bearstech is using it as base for various VAR projects and
> subsequently Bearstech wants to give back and is commited to the free
> software community.
> What does it look like in action
> ================================
> Go to youtube and see yourself:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Izww_4Z421g
> Have fun!
>   Marcus - on behalf of the hackable:1 team and community
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