copy a file from smartphone to pc

Andreas Fischer cyberfrag at
Tue May 5 15:25:23 CEST 2009

Anas Alzouhbi wrote:
> Hello!
> I want to transfer a file from my smartphone to the pc, for exemple
> the file name is toto4 and the username of my pc is elzouebi
> I runned this command
> scp toto4 elzouebi at , it created a file called
> elzouebi at on the smartphone :(

You forgot the trailing ':' - the command should read:
scp toto4 elzouebi at
(the colon is what scp uses to detect a remote location, apparently)

> also I runned this command
> scp totot4 elzouebi at, sender is a folder on my pc

Is it a folder in the home folder of "elzouebi", i.e. is it
~elzouebi/sender ? Else you have to give the full path after the colon.

> I obtained this error messaj
> WARNING: Ignoring unknown argument '-x'
> WARNING: Ignoring unknown argument '-oForwardAgent no'
> WARNING: Ignoring unknown argument '-oPermitLocalCommand no'
> WARNING: Ignoring unknown argument '-oClearAllForwardings yes'
> /usr/bin/dbclient: exited: Error connecting: Connection refused
> lost connection

Is there a ssh server running on your home pc?

> what should I do, to copy a file from the smarphone to the pc

Why not go the inverse road? Copy the file from your pc with:

scp root at .

If you're on Windows, you can also use WinSCP for that.

Andreas Fischer

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