Om2009 testing Release 2

Petr Vanek vanous at
Tue May 5 19:49:18 CEST 2009

Hi Angus, 

thank you for the info and hard work.

I have been testing paroli every two to three weeks (regularly i use
shr). today i have flashed the testing release 2 image and used it this
afternoon. the testing release seems to be full of new features. i
flashed it to nand, i use qi.

>Paroli settings screen 
>	- change illume profile ( paroli fulsscreen or illume )

great and worked, one can choose upon demand so this is good.

>	- GPRS settings
>	  APN settings
>	  enable or disable GPRS 

got connected instantly, just worked., great. G indication for
connection is super. but i could eventually not get disconnected - had
to kill paroli and eventually reboot anyways

>	- profile settings menu 
>	  ringtone volume
>	  vibration on incoming call
>	  message volume
>	  vibration on incoming message
>	  and others 
>	- this needs to be enabled from /etc/paroli/paroli.cfg 
>	  as some features are still a little experimental

the setting app is good.

>Tons of new feature's in the FSO framework
>	- Automatic timezones for mutlizone countries
>	- lots under the hood 	  
>	  check here to see all of them 	 
>Bugs fixed 
>	Power button does not shutdown device 
>	otimed sets timezone incorrectly in large countries FSO 389
>	Power status events ignored FSO 381
>	feeds are incorrectly set to unstable

interface is responsive and consistent. i quite like it but had to get
used to it... as i say i use it every now and then. i can imagine a bit
different theming but i am sure this will come and it's not a priority
now. i do like the "one consistent application" approach.

now issues:

the buttons are too small for fingers sometimes (delete on messages, +
to add a message etc.)

two times (huh, now again.. so three times) the tele crashed during
phone call (call did not get disconnected so i could finish it.) then
paroli restart or neo restart...

sending sms while off signal gave no error, but no sms saved as draft
so got simply lost...

operator name not displayed (did get displayed in illume shelf though)

sms receiving OK

the biggest issue (and this is what i was hoping would be solved) is
still the loooong delay on call answer between pressing the answer
button and the ring stopping and caller getting through. i actually
lost one call on this.

i never really understood the time changing by pressing the AUX
button... and how do you set alarm time?

autosuspend although enabled did not work, autodim does work

>Bugs fixed 
>	Power button does not shutdown device 

not for me :)

i still have it on so i can do more tests if necessary...


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