Solar charger (was Re: News Openmoko Shop Pulster)

matthias matthiasfelsche at
Tue May 5 21:56:57 CEST 2009

(Very very very)³ * (very+infinity) nice thing!!! :D
That was what I was hoping for: committed merchants in touch with the
I hope you will provide some of them for sale soon.


David Reyes Samblas Martinez schrieb:
> Christoph and I were talking about this and agree with Christian we
> must think on this devices more as  auxiliary batteries with a plus
> than solar chargers, so the higher capacity the better.
> We are interested in offer this in our shops so we will proceed the
> following way, as we do with the Slim BT Keyboard, but this time even
> more open and community driven.
> I will order a sample of the following models  from to
> test them and put the results on a wiki page along with some pictures
> of them on the field.
> SC019 3000mAh  cool&rought the more expensive
> SC020 3600mAh  the highest capacity but seems slightly weaker than sc019
> SC018 2600mAh only one solar panel but with higher battery than SC021
> and twice cheaper, if it has a mini usb adaptor can be a
> better choice for cheaper option
> SC021 is only 2000mAh  is just a little bit cheaper than
> SC019/20 options
> You can suggest what test do you like to be performed and I will
> publish the results on that wiki.
> After that test we(community included in that we) can disscuss what
> model fits  most of all  and I will proceed with an order to have
> stock in our shops.
> Please be aware than final price will be higher than we have disscused
> here, after some quick maths the SC019/20 model will be about 69EUR ,
> SC018 about 39EUR, the SC021 about 59EUR(too much for a 2000mAh
> battery IMHO)   those prices are just to orientate, custom fees and
> Euro/dollar equivalence when the order is finally made are really hard
> to calculate(near a lottery really) is just to you have an idea.
> So the due the other YL series doesn't has more than 2400mAh and to
> avoid more shipping/customs costs (really expesive from china). I
> think does't worth the effort to try to buy samples from them.
> I will keep you informed about the progress of the plan :)

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