PS3 Linux [was - Re: OpenMoko and LCD TV]

roguemoko at roguemoko at
Wed May 6 07:02:03 CEST 2009

On 6/05/2009 1:53 PM, The Digital Pioneer wrote:
> Yeah, I know the PS3 has very little RAM, but it's extremely fast RAM is
> it not? I've also been told 3D isn't working... Do you have any idea
> if/when it will? And how's the actual system speed? You've got 8 threads
> available to you, do you not? Two PPU threads, and 6 SPU? I know one SPU
> is kept disabled, and another is reserved for the PS3 OS. Still, 8
> threads at 3.2GHz each should be blazing fast. But that's all theory.

To be honest I haven't really got dirty on the command line yet, I was 
more interested in out-of-the-box functionality in-so-far as the 
distro's X capabilities were concerned.

As I said before, 3D acceleration is not available at this time, this is 
something I believe they imposed so that PS2 emulation is not possible. 
It's always possible that it will become available but I've not heard of 
anything yet.

Utilising the vram as swap effectively adds ram. So general performance 
is fine. It's when you do something gpu intensive that the cpus load up 
and the system slows down significantly. Openoffice and printing work 
fine though :)

So as for the specifics, I can't say much. I haven't looked at the 
available CPUs but gkrellm was only reporting 2 at the time. If I get a 
chance I might delve deeper and revisit this thread but no promises :)

I get the impression, though this is speculative, that YDL utilises more 
of the system. Or maybe it just does it better. Either way the 
experience is more polished.


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